Letters to parents/carers, News | 3rd November 2017

Swimming – updated information for families

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Letters to parents/carers, News | 30th October 2017

School closed on Monday 30 October 2017 for staff training

School re-opens on Tuesday 31 October.

News | 27th October 2017

Swimming – information for parents/carers

The new PE/PSHE/Swimming timetable belows starts on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Monday Y6: PE/PSHE
Tuesday Reception: PE
Wednesday Reception: Swimming Y3: PE/PSHE
Y1 PSHE/Swimming
Thursday Y5: PE/PSHE
Y4: PSHE/Swimming
Friday Y2: PSHE/Swimming

It is essential that all pupils bring their PE or swimming kit on the correct day.  Too many pupils forget and this means time is lost for everyone.  Both PE and swimming are part of the national curriculum and are not optional.  If your child/ren is/are in school they are expected to participate.


Uncategorised | 4th October 2017

Presentation Meetings

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News | 22nd September 2017

Wristband scheme

At Murrayfield Primary Academy, we are now running a Wristband scheme. This scheme has been run successfully at our London schools and today is the first chance pupils have of receiving a red wristband. Pupils can earn this by completing two full weeks of attendance between 11th and 22nd September.

On Monday morning during the assembly, we will be celebrating the students success by awarding 279 pupils their first award out of a possible 350 eligible. This equates to almost 80%! We are very proud of the fantastic attendance from our pupils and are looking forward to handing out more bands as the weeks progress. Any pupils who have not received a red band yet can start again on Monday. Pupils who already have a red band can now begin to go for the next colour band.

Neil Winn, Principal

Letters to parents/carers | 28th June 2017

Letter regarding Interim Principal Appointment

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Letters to parents/carers | 23rd June 2017

Summer concert – letter to parents

The letter, below, has gone out to all parents today.

Letter about tickets for the summer concert

Governance, Letters to parents/carers | 15th June 2017

Appointing an interim principal

I would like to give you an update on what the Board of Directors has decided in terms of leadership for Murrayfield Primary Academy. We have advertised internally within Paradigm Trust for an interim principal for the school. This appointment will be until December 2018.

From our early conversations we know that there are a number of people at Murrayfield and from across the Trust who would be enthusiastic about this opportunity, so we are expecting a good choice of quality applicants. We hope to make the appointment by the end of June so that you, as parents and carers, are clear about who is leading the school. The successful candidate will work very closely with Bill Holledge and myself to ensure a smooth transition and to continue the school’s journey of school improvement.

David Willis
Chair of the Board

Letters to parents/carers | 15th June 2017

Save the date – summer fair – Saturday 15 July

This year’s summer fair will be on Saturday 15th July 1.30-4.00. More information to follow.

Letters to parents/carers | 15th June 2017

Save the date – pupil concert – 10 July, 2pm

There will be an end of term music concert on 10th July, 2pm till 2.45pm at Ipswich Academy. Specific information to follow.

Last updated June 15, 2017