Every school is unique and we’re working hard to decide the right values that represent what we expect from Murrayfield Academy, the pupils and the neighbourhood. We expect this to be completed soon, but we already have some idea of what it may include:


The diversity of all pupils’ and adults’ backgrounds and circumstances should be appreciated and valued. We are committed to developing strong and positive relationships within our academy and wider community so that similar life opportunities are available to all.

High expectations

High expectations must drive our vision and determine the next steps required. It demands self awareness and self belief, perseverance, focus, stamina, keeping the goal in sight while having the flexibility to adapt and find strategies that work. An environment that conveys high expectations motivates individuals and instills within them a responsibility for lifelong learning.

Independent learning

We want our pupils to value and understand independent learning. This means asking questions; taking initiative; communicating clearly; working collaboratively; finding solutions and acting with integrity, commitment and responsibility. It is through independent learning that children and adults give meaning to the world around them and ensure that they have positive choices to make about their lives.

Last updated December 9, 2016