PE/sport premium 2018-19

Murrayfield Primary Academy expects to receive £19000 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2018 to end August 2019. The school plans to spend this, or has already spent this, as follows:

  • £5000 to provide extra curricular sporting/PE activities to expand the range of physical activities on offer, this will include opportunities to undertake team and competitive sports (football, netball, cricket).  This will help develop social skills through participation, develop a positive experience to attending clubs before and after school, and allow talents, skills and efforts to be celebrated across the academy.
  • £6000 to provide a contribution to the teaching of swimming across the school so that all pupils have swimming lessons for at least 50% of the academic year.  This is in excess of their statutory requirement to ensure all pupils reach basic swimming skills, especially those who do not swim beyond school lessons, and develop a passion for swimming.
Last updated September 18, 2018