PE/sport premium 2018-19

Murrayfield Primary Academy expects to receive £19000 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2018 to end August 2019. The school plans to spend this, or has already spent this, as follows:

  • £5000 to provide extra curricular sporting/PE activities to expand the range of physical activities on offer, this will include opportunities to undertake team and competitive sports (football, netball, cricket).  This will help develop social skills through participation, develop a positive experience to attending clubs before and after school, and allow talents, skills and efforts to be celebrated across the academy.
  • £6000 to provide a contribution to the teaching of swimming across the school so that all pupils have swimming lessons for at least 50% of the academic year.  This is in excess of their statutory requirement to ensure all pupils reach basic swimming skills, especially those who do not swim beyond school lessons, and develop a passion for swimming.
  • £8000 to provide a contribution to the employment of a sports coach to deliver high quality PE lessons to all pupils across the academy. Working with staff across the academy to support their understanding of the importance of sport and their confidence in delivery, raising its profile (as part of class teacher’s pastoral work ensuring they understand the importance of promoting participation in extracurricular clubs) and supporting with how it can be developed to be embedded into other aspects of the curriculum. Additionally this will encourage pupils to develop an understanding of the importance of physical activity and create the opportunity to experience a wider range of sports and nutritional education and the importance of healthy eating.

Previous year – September 2017 to end August 2018

Murrayfield Primary Academy received £18900 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2017 to end August 2018. Spending allocations are shown below, together with a brief overview of the impact on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment. Further details are available on request.

Amount/on whatImpact
£10000 to provide a contribution to the teaching and maintenance costs associated with the school swimming pool.All pupils (YR to Y6) have had a substantial period of swimming instruction, which is significantly in excess of the national curriculum entitlement.
£8100 to provide a contribution to sports coach deliver PE activities to all year groups.Higher quality physical education lessons taught across the school ensuring a varied curriculum is delivered.
£800 to provide additional equipment for use during social times (including lunch).Pupils encouraged to play together developing opportunities to share, take turns and work together as a team; this was built upon during lessons to develop learning.

The school is ensuring that these improvements are sustainable by:

  • The improvements to the swimming pool facilities are physical and therefore now complete ensuring that we can offer high quality swimming lessons within the school day, to all pupils to ensure all reach the swimming requirements, and beyond (evenings and weekend lessons).
  • The curriculum developed by our sports coach will be delivered in the forthcoming years.
  • The academy is committed to funding high quality sports and PE provision in the future and has and will continue to commit its own resources in addition to the premium funding received. The use of coaching staff, and staff from our other academies within the trust, will support class teachers with the delivery of their PE lessons through transfer of skills, the opportunity to observe the delivery of activities and support with their planning, building capacity for the future.

Outcomes in swimming

The current/most recent Y6 cohort comprises 56 pupils.

Of these pupils:

  • percentage of pupils who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres = 83%
  • percentage of pupils who can use a range of strokes effectively = 80%
  • percentage of pupils who can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations = 83%
Last updated July 26, 2019