Letters to parents/carers | 15th June 2017

Save the date – summer fair – Saturday 15 July

This year’s summer fair will be on Saturday 15th July 1.30-4.00. More information to follow.

Letters to parents/carers | 15th June 2017

Save the date – pupil concert – 10 July, 2pm

There will be an end of term music concert on 10th July, 2pm till 2.45pm at Ipswich Academy. Specific information to follow.

Governance, Letters to parents/carers | 12th June 2017

Update on plans to celebrate Amanda Phillips’ life

Amanda will be buried at a private, family only ceremony in the next few weeks. Before that, Paradigm Trust will compile all the messages of condolences that it has received and present them to her family.

We will also be organising events to remember Amanda and celebrate her life and achievements for the children and adults across all the schools. We will be able to update you further as these plans make progress.

David Willis

Governance, Letters to parents/carers | 3rd June 2017


As of Monday 5 June, there will be books of condolences in the school. It is also possible to send messages of condolences via email – condolences@paradigmtrust.org. All messages will be read and then collated to be passed back to Amanda’s family.

The directors of Paradigm Trust have decided that Bill Holledge will be in charge of Murrayfield Primary on an interim basis until further notice. Bill is an experienced primary headteacher with a strong track record of school improvement who has worked closely with Amanda for more than ten years. He has the full support of the Board. Bill will work closely with the existing senior team at Murrayfield, including experienced leaders from across Paradigm Trust.

The Board is very aware that there is a need for stability and consistency at Murrayfield and is working to ensure that this is delivered.

David Willis


Governance, Letters to parents/carers | 1st June 2017

1 June 2017 – News on Amanda Phillips

It is with tremendous sadness that I have to tell you that Amanda died yesterday. While on holiday in France earlier this week, Amanda suffered a fall incurring serious head injuries which proved fatal. I know I speak for us all when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with her husband and family.

Amanda’s death is a dreadful tragedy. She led Paradigm Trust with enormous energy, tremendous skill and most of all an enduring passion to give every child an outstanding education.

She will be missed so much by everyone and we understand you will have questions – many of which we will not be able to answer yet. We are working on contingency plans and further news will be published in the Paradigm Trust website as it is available.

David Willis


Letters to parents/carers | 26th May 2017

Letter from Amanda to parents/carers of pupils in 4A

Please click here to access the letter, which has been sent home tonight.

Letters to parents/carers | 22nd May 2017

Swimming and PE arrangements for pupils in reception – from Monday 5 June

Please click here to access the letter from Amanda.

Letters to parents/carers | 19th May 2017

New timetable for PE/science/swimming – starting on Monday 5 June 2017

A letter detailing the new timetable has been sent home with pupils. It can be accessed here.

Letters to parents/carers | 8th May 2017

Important dates for the rest of term

  • Y2 pupils will sit national tests in week commencing 15 May
  • Y1 pupils will be tested on their phonic knowledge in week commencing 12 June
  • Pupils in Y1,3,4,5 will be tested in week commencing 19 June
  • Reports will be posted to parents/carers in week commencing 10 July. Parents/carers will be invited to make appointments to meet teachers, if they wish to do so, after they have received the reports

Training/employment opportunities | 26th April 2017

Opportunities for class teachers to join Murrayfield Primary Academy – closing date 22 May 2017

Paradigm Trust is seeking to recruit class teachers to work in Murrayfield Primary Academy, Ipswich. Opportunities exist for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 class teachers who are seeking to make an outstanding contribution to this academy and the Ipswich community.

Please click to access:

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