Murrayfield Primary’s behaviour approach aims to support staff and pupils to develop positive relationships which will lead to a secure learning environment for all.

Teaching and learning can only take place in an atmosphere of calm purposefulness.

The school’s approach to behaviour management aims to foster in pupils:

  • Good learning behaviours e.g. listening, attention, participation, effort, positive attitude, co-operation
  • Positive and pro-social values
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • A positive attitude about their abilities
  • A sense of responsibility for their actions
  • An understanding of cause and consequence.


Each class receive a star of the week certificate for the pupil who either completes a piece of work beyond expectations or for effort.

Each class has one pupil who receive certificate for most Dojos (merit points)

Core rules

There are four whole school rules:

  • We look after and show respect for the school building and
    everything inside it.
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves at all times.
  • We listen and look well and speak when it is our turn.
  • We are kind, polite, helpful, co-operative and respectful.

Code of Conduct

It is expected that teachers will discuss and reach agreements with pupils for good conduct and the maintenance of routines. An agreed code of conduct is displayed in each classroom.

Last updated September 26, 2023